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Continued Available Currency From Issue Two: 10/10/1863—02/23/1867

Second Issue Ten Cent Note

Washington On Obverse

Green Reverse With 18-63 Surcharges

Fine Example Of Type, Clear Bright Bronze Embossing, Great Detail






Second Issue Ten Cent Note

Washington on Obverse

Green Reverse With No Surcharges

PMG Graded AU 55

Almost Uncirculated Bill, Solid Bronzing

The "Bronzing" Consisted Of Real Bronze Dust Mixed With Glue.


Value Priced



FR 1232









Second Issue Teb Cent Note

Washington on Obverse

Without Surcharges On Reverse

No Creases, No Holes, With Excellent Margining For 2nd Issue. Paper Is Crisp, And Grapics Are Distinct. Only Problem Is That The Oval Has Lost Some Material, And Is A Bit Mottled--See Pic. Still, Very Nice EF.

FR 1244



2nd Issue Ten Cent      

Second Issue Ten Cent Note


Washington on Obverse


FR 1246 w/ surcharge "18-63 And "S"

(Only the "S" and "63" are visible, with the "18" lagging behind and suggested at either end of the bottom of the note's reverse"


(The PMG container is clear)


Well margined , especially for the second issue.
The infamous Stanton, Chief of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, suggested the "bronzed" oval--literally a mix of bronze dust and glue--as a deterrent to forgery. Obviously a dime was worth forging at the time.






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