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Continued Available Currency From Issue Two: 10/10/186302/23/1867

Second Issue Fifty-Cent Note


Fr. 1316

Surcharges "63" (probably an "18" lost somewhere)

Collectors of the second issue understand that some of the surcharges were somitmes lost along the path from press to finished note. This very presentable bill shows only a "63", but shows it quite distinctly. This is a strong Very Fine , relativly free of creasing or other major distractions. Corners are sharp and it retains a good deal of crispness. The bronzing shows some uneveness and cracking. The margins are outstanding for a second issue note. Overall very collectible, and affordable, for a scarce 50-cent note.






Second Issue Fifty-Cent Note


Fr. 1317

Surcharges "18" "63" "A"


This pleasing 50-cent bill maintains a very crisp feel, and unmistakable embossing. Corners, margins, and Washington's face are all sharply defined. The bronzed oval is well placed and bright. Overall visual appeal is outstanding.






Second Issue Fifty Cent Note

Fr. 1317


Washington On Obverse Encircled In Bronze Oval


Surcharges "18-63" and "A"--indistinct


Crisp and bright example of 2nd issue type. Gem margined and high end note.




Second Issue Fifty Cent Note

Fr. 1318

Washington On Obverse Encircled In Bronze Oval


Surcharges "18-63" and "1"

Good Crispness for Grade. Normal Wear. Somewhat Short Right Obverse.

Sharp and Well-Placed Oval

Sharp VF





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