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Continued Available Currency From Issue Four: 07/14/186902/16/1875

Fourth Issue Fifty Cent Note

Bust Of Samuel Dexter On Obverse

Follow Above "Dexter" Link For Bio
On Samuel Dexter.

No Major Flaws. One pin hole hidden in upper right corner graphic. Graphics Strong For The Grade, and still stiffness left in paper. Great Value! Very Fine Condition.

FR 1379






(Actual Size: 2 Inches)




Sold In Combination
Gem Uncirculated 65 marks a higher level of excellence in grading. Notes graded 65 and above must pass stringent tests of inking, design, margining, and corners. This note also includes the Exceptional Paper Quality designation. The accompanying 71/2- by 9-inch paper has an engraved print of Samuel Dexter mounted on it. These types of prints were made by the Bureau of Engraving, and were used both in the developmental stages of fractional design, and as pages meant for presentation, as this one was. The actual engraving is approximately 2" tall, and framed by a simple line design. The paper is probably linen, and has a bit of faint mottled yellowness to it that shows more on the back. It also has a bit of raised mild ripples to it around the engraving that couldn't be caught in the photo. The applied engraving itself is in excellent condition. This page was obtained from the estate of a well-known historical ephemera collector named Thomas Brundige, a Baltimore doctor who died around 1900. A copy of Brundige's seal/mark will be included.  A rare and handsome combination.

$495.00                                                            FR 1379

Fourth Issue Fifty Cent Lincoln



Green Back, PCGS Graded.




With A Print Run Of Only Six Months In 1869, The Fifty-Cent, Fourth-Issue Lincoln Is The Single Most Popular Fractional Type. The Superb Lincoln Portrait was done by Engraver Charles Burt. The Lincoln Is The Must-Have Of Any Fractional Collection. The Note Offered Here Has Slightly Toned Paper Front And Back, and Is A Handsome Example In About New Condition.



FR 1374



PCGS 50 About New





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