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Continued Available Currency From Issue Four: 07/14/1869—02/16/1875

Fourth Issue Fifty Cent Lincoln





Strong EF, No Creases, No Pin Holes, And Excellent Obverse Margins. Reverse Has Slight Overlap On Upper Graphic, But Bottom Graphic Is In Full, No Cut Off. Beauty At A Gorgeous Price! Lincoln Notes Are One Of, If Not The, Most Desireable Fractionals Printed, And Price Rises At A Rate Reflecting The Popularity. Lincolns, EF Or Above, Are A Credible Investvent.


Lincoln engraving by Charles Burt.


PCGS Graded  EF40




FR 1374







Fourth Issue Fifty Cent Lincoln Note






Nice Margins Front And Back. Cream To Ash White Borders And Charcoal Dark Tones.  A No-Distraction Beauty.






PCGS Graded About New 50


FR 1374







Fourth Issue Fifty Cent Lincoln Note


About As Close As You Can Get Without A Cigar. It's "Choice", The Best Of Its Numerical Grade, And It's PPQ, The Paper Being In The Same Shape As The Day It Came Off The Press.  If You Just Want A Gorgeous Lincoln, Here's A Deal.




PCGS Graded Choice About New 55 PPQ



FR 1374











Fourth Issue Fifty Cent Lincoln Note




If presentation is what counts, then this note would grade well into the UNC area.The Original Paper Quality guarantees that the paper is in the same condition as when it left the press. The margin is ample on all side, the corners crisp. There is minor disturbance in the "T" and "E" area of "States" that can't be caught in the photo-and barely with a glass. This is a bright, crisp, and gorgeous note, and overall excels what's often found at higher grades.

Lincoln portrait done by Charles Burt.


FR 1374




CGA Graded AU 58--Original Paper Quality







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