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What's So Bad About Peace, Love, and "Very Fine"?

Why collect fractionals? Because they're different, they're neat, they're delicate and unique art works that reflect times of a country at war with itself? Fractionals are in fact the perfect conversational stepping stones to a vault of insights and expansions on the nation's state during the civil war. Maybe you're just looking for the perfect gift for the four out of four people interested either in history or money. Collectors looking for "flawless" examples of their desires are often left looking, because historical notes or coins grading "70" were often never printed or are unaffordable. But, if you fall into the other category and you're looking to put together a fractional set, notes graded "Very Fine" make a surprisingly good choice.

Collectors don't send notes for grading that they expect to come back "Very Fine". VF is the only grade that spans twenty points, from 20, to 39 (though every number is of course not used by graders). So a VF35 looks much more like an EF note than it does a Fine. VF 30s and 35s, if cherry-picked as those found here are, can have exceptional eye appeal that can leave you wondering why they weren't graded higher. "Choice" 35s often display sharp corners, distinct graphics and inking, and no creasing.

The PCGS Currency Grading guide says this about the "Very Fine-25" grade: "A 25 will typically have bright, solid paper with some signs of light handling or circulation, and it may have more folds than are allowed for a higher grade." Or, it may not. So, you may not need to reach deep in your pockets for a presentable note. An honestly graded VF is probably the most bill for the money in currency collecting.

Fourth Issue Ten Cent



Green Reverse




Follow the Phrygian cap link for a little history on this note. This bill is flawless. Its corners are sharp and the margins are near gem quality. No holes, creases, or tears. I don't know how it got this grade. If you want a quality graded example of this fractional, here it is.



PMG Choice Very Fine 35







Third Issue Twenty-Five Cent Note

Obverse Of Wiliam Pitt Fessenden
Secretary Of Treasury From 1864-65 Under President Abraham Lincoln



Embossed Scroll Work On Obverse



The reverse has a bit more head room on this one, and there are two pin holes, visible at the very outside of the left and right margins. As good or better looking than most of what can be found in your wallet.




FR 1295  wth "a" on front







Third Issue Fifty Cent



Tight margined, but evenly cut, the PPQ Justice has a lot of eye appeal. The reverse is indeed well margined. Very strong ink and graphic clarity, a quality 35. Want a nice looking graded Justice, here it is.




Design Figure "1"; And Surcharges "A 2 6 5" Compactly Smudged On Reverse .




PCGS 35, Premium Paper Quality



FR 1364






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