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Continued Available Currency From Special "Graded Very Fine" Collection

Third Issue Fifty Cent Spinner--Type 1

Portrait of General William F. Spinner, U.S. Treasurer Under Lincoln, And The Creator Of Fractional Currency.


Green Reverse , No Surcharges


Letter "a"On Obverse


This PMG-Graded Spinner Has Square Corners And Rich Bronzing. Two Minute Margin Tears Can Be Seen On Reverse Left, Prompting PMG To Note Them Though They Are Unseen Without A Glass. Too Small To Warrent The Normal "Net" Grade Adjustment, PMG Was Correct In Grading This Note "Choice." A Beautiful Deal To Waste.


PMG Choice Very Fine 35






Fourth Issue Fifty Cent Lincoln


PCGS 30 Very Fine





A Faint Crease Here, A Slight Bit Of Shading There, And Before You Know It You Have A Very Fine Looking Lincoln. No Pinholes, No Folds, And Good Color Front And Back. Selling At My Cost.



FR 1374









Fouth Issue Fifty Cent Note

Bust of Edwin M. Stanton

Born 1814, died 1869, Was AS Tough As He Looks and Servied As Secretary Of War Through Most Of The Civil War And Reconstruction. Effective And Tenacious, He Was Often At Odds With First Lincoln, Then With President Andrew Johnson. Once, When Johnson Attempted To Remove Stanton From His Cabinet Position, Stanton Literally Barricaded Himself In His Office To Prevent The News From Reaching Him.


Another Of Our Hand=Picked Quality, Graded EF Notes, This Vibrant Blue-End Stanton Would Add To Any But The Pickiest Collection, And Make A Unique Surprise Gift.


FR 1376--Blue End



PMG Graded Very Fine 30 EPQ
(Exceptional Paper Quality)


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