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Continued Available Currency From Special "Graded Very Fine" Collection

Third Issue Twenty-Five Cent Note


Obverse Of Wiliam Pitt Fessenden
Secretary Of Treasury From 1864-65 Under President Abraham Lincoln.



Embossed Scroll Work On Obverse



Pleasing example with nice corners and margining. Slight soiling on reverse, and tight at reverse top, but all graphic included. A trio of pin holes are hidden in Fessenden's lapel, seen only when held to light. Nice enough to show off to anyone. Already graded


PMG VF 25 Very Fine


FR 1295 wth "a" on front





Third Issue Three Cent


A Letter Home


Smallest Denomination Ever Printed, The Three Cent Note Allowed A Civil War Soldier To Send A Letter Home. Postage Was Three Cents. Printed One Time, For One Issue Only. This Example Has Square Corners, No Pin Holes, Tears, Or Folds, and Very Nice Margins.



PMG Very Fine 30 EPQ




Fifth Issue Twenty Five Cent Note

Bust Of Robert J. Walker On Obverse


Near Gem centering, no flaws. Excellent color and eye appeal. The reverse has the faint greenish caste often found on this note. Fifth issue notes are the most available of fractionals. There is no reason to shop further for a Walker. Looks as shown. Beautiful.

Short Key

FR 1309


PMG Choice Very Fine 35







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